Church life

In addition to our Sunday Services, we have a wide range of other activities and resources which form part of our regular church life and programme which are outlined here:

  • Children really appreciate and benefit from our very dynamic and educational children and youth programme.

  • Drop in on any of the home groups and you will be sure of a welcome. You may, however, care to speak first to one of the leaders.

  • A supportive and well-planned programme of mission work is provided by our Mission Committee.

  • Our clergy and pastoral care assistant are available to give pastoral care support where and when it is appropriate.

  • Our annual house parties at La Foresta and Chassepierre are always well anticipated and attended!

  • Several key events are organised and held in our church buildings every week of the year.

  • Our Christian bookstall is available almost every Sunday at our 10.30 a.m. service for you to fulfil all your book requirements.

  • Our Finance team makes sure that the church finances are kept in order and under control.