Holy Trinity is a community that provides opportunities for fellowship, connections and friendship. We encourage individuals to build meaningful relationship with each other and to feel safe and secure within the church family. To support this, Holy Trinity aims to provide high standards of protection for personal information.

Personal data is processed fairly and lawfully, and collected solely for necessary administrative purposes. We collect data for the Church Electoral Roll, stewardship records and church events. Every reasonable step is taken to keep personal data accurate, complete and up-to-date.

All staff, volunteers and contractors who deal with personal data for Holy Trinity are advised to comply with the following Code of Practice:

  • Collection of Data

    Forms which request information about individuals should make clear the purpose of the information and offer an “opt-out” clause. Suggested full and abbreviated texts are enclosed.

  • Security of Data

    Appropriate measures have been put in place in the church administration to prevent unauthorised access to data and to maintain data integrity and accuracy.

  • Access to Data

    Employees and volunteers are only allowed to access personal data relevant to their job or function.

  • Disclosure of Data

    Information about individuals should not be shared without the consent of the individual concerned. Staff in the church administration have been advised not to provide personal details to telephone callers.

  • Sensitive Data

    Any data that may reveal racial origin, personal belief, health or other sensitive subjects should be collected only with the individual’s consent.

  • Individual Rights

    Any individual has the right to query any information held, receive a copy of the personal data held on them and to have inaccurate data revised or removed.

  • Selling or Sharing Lists

    To prevent unauthorised use by Third Parties, Holy Trinity does not provide or sell lists to other organisations.

If you have any questions about the interpretation of this Code of Practice, please contact the Wardens or the Data Privacy Manager.