Children and Youth Ministries

Holy Trinity strives to be a community where all, including children and youth, belong. This means that we work to make them feel welcome, safe, respected, valued, positively challenged, listened to and accepted.

Children and youth are a gift to our whole church community. The whole Body of Christ has a special role to play in their life’s journey, and they have a special role to play in the Body of Christ.

We offer age-specific groups for children and youth at both our 10:30 and 14:00 services. Youth may also feel at home in the contemporary style of our
18:00 service.


10:30 Service

Our children’s groups at 10:30 are the largest, with more than 75 kids meeting together on Sundays to build friendships, learn, and grow together under the care of our volunteer leaders.

Our groups currently include a staffed creche (0-3), two Godly Play rooms (3-6; 7-10), and further groups for young people aged 10-13, and 13-18.

14:00 service

Our 14:00 service runs bilingually in both French and English. We’ve found a fantastic resource in Godly Play, where our children can focus on a very visual curriculum. There are additional groups that meet during the week that are largely from an African context, in particular a youth (14-25) group and a dance group. For information on these, please contact Eric.

all age worship

Six times throughout the year, our 10:30 service brings together all ages of our church family in a service designed to share the love and work of God with every age, adult and children alike.