The God revealed to us through the Bible is a relational God, who longs for people to discover their full humanity through learning to live in loving relationship with God and with one another.  Our Pro-Cathedral of Holy Trinity is a place where people of many races and nationalities meet at the heart of Europe. Our aim is to build a strong Christian community that speaks prophetically to our society of the unity that is possible through Jesus Christ.   

Therefore, we seek to:

  • Welcome. All are welcome. We work constantly at the task of communication and understanding across cultural and linguistic divides. We offer hospitality and a place of solace. We seek to underpin all that we do with deepening spirituality, sound administration and faithful stewardship.

  • Worship. We will offer varied, high quality opportunities for worship that seek to glorify God through our diverse musical and cultural traditions. By faithful and challenging preaching we will invite people to respond with all their being to the God revealed in Jesus Christ.

  • Fellowship. We will offer the opportunity to become part of a caring, sharing community, small group or network, committed to spiritual growth and faith development.

  • Witness. We will seek to build up people of all ages in their understanding of their Christian faith and their ability to relate it to their everyday lives. We will serve the mission of God through participation in church and secular networks in Brussels, and through support of missions and missionaries across the world.