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The costs of running Holy Trinity are met almost entirely by generous giving from members of the congregation. Our annual operating budget is more than €300,000.

The church’s financial affairs are overseen by a Finance Committee and the Church Council which receives a regular finance reports. A full financial report is presented to the AGM each year.

Congregational members seeking to support HTB are encouraged to make a financial commitment via a pledge (typically monthly). We encourage use of regular bank transfer, even for relatively small sums, as the easiest way for the church to receive financial support. Pledges or one-off donations can be made to the our bank account.

Donate to HTB
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Giving in Belgium

Holy Trinity Brussels Gift Account IBAN: BE14 3100 3441 5383


If you have any questions about giving to Holy Trinity or about the church’s finances in general, please contact us so that we can put you in touch with either the treasurer or the stewardship committee.

Thank you very much for your generosity.

Please be aware that gifts made to the church are unfortunately not tax-deductible in Belgium.

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Giving in the united kingdom

UK taxpayers can maximise their gifts to HTB by making donations via the Diocese in Europe London office.

Transfers to the bank account of the Diocese can be made in sterling using sort code and account number 200605 40317039, indicating “Holy Trinity Brussels” on the transfer.

Assistance is available from Nick Wraight.

The Diocese will obtain “Gift Aid” on our behalf from the UK Government, equaling 25% of the gift. The Diocese will then pass on to HTB the donation and the applicable gift aid.

Please note that a deduction from taxable income is not available, either in respect of UK or Belgian tax.

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giving in the united states

US taxpayers may claim a reduction in taxable income for donations to HTB made via the Episcopal Church of America. Checks in US dollars can be sent to:

June A. Victor, Assistant to the Treasurer, The Episcopal Church

815 Second Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017.

She can be emailed here.

Please indicate “Holy Trinity Brussels,” so that the funds can be identified and transferred to HTB, and inform the Treasurer. Arrangements can also be made to pay in euros.

Please note that such gifts are not deductible from taxable income for Belgian tax.

If you wish to leave a Legacy to Holy Trinity and you are based in the United Kingdom, please contact Nick Wraight at the Diocesan Office for information. If you wish to leave a Legacy to Holy Trinity and you are based in Belgium, please contact the church office to get the correct legal information.