Chassepierre Weekend Away

Chassepierre is a small village in the south of Belgium, where Holy Trinity likes to go when the weather gets better in Belgium. From Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, the weekend is filled with relaxation. We eat together, play together, and be together. There is no teaching programme at this retreat, but that means more time for napping and restoration!

Register for the 2019 (5-7 July) weekend here.


Relax and play together at our gîte. Situated next to the river, this is the perfect place to unwind and destress, as well as soak in the love of God through the beauty of creation and the fellowship of friends.


Or take a stroll around the area to discover the freshness of the air and the quiet of the fields. On Saturday, there is a long walk through the Ardenne, as well as other activities for those interested. Come along and breathe easy.