Thy Kingdom Come


What is “Thy Kingdom Come”?


What is happening at HTB?


pray for five

One of the main initiatives this year for “Thy Kingdom Come” is a commitment of praying for five people that you know, praying to God to work in their lives, to lead them, and to bring them close to Jesus. For more information on this, see this video from the Archbishop of York.

daily prayer and prayer stations

As part of the global movement of prayer, we are participating in “Thy Kingdom Come” by offering daily prayer from Monday, 3 June to Friday, 7 June both at 12:30 and at 18:00. There will also be Prayer Stations available in the church to be used.



novena (daily reflections)

“Thy Kingdom Come” has also created a set of daily reflections, known as the “Novena,” which guides us from Ascension to Pentecost, as we pray for the Kingdom of God to come. You can download the booklet here.